Our strengths

Four strengths

We will meet your wide ranges of need with our own strengths cultivated for long years in the field of manufacturing, conveyance and equipment related to the concrete, focusing on the concrete plant business.


More than 55 years of history since foundation and accumulated achievements

We will provide you with the services of high quality and high added value from reliable achievements cultivated in the concrete industry since foundation in 1958.
Resulting from our products such as Mobile silo which has gained No.1 share in Japan, we have been entrusted and appreciated by a lot of companies.
We have started in real earnest expanding our business overseas toward the coming 60th anniversaries of foundation.
We will contribute to the infrastructure development of the world with our know-how cultivated in Japan.

In 1958, our company was founded and started manufacturing and selling the pot concrete mixer and machinery tools.
We constructed our first batcher plant.
In 1974, we completed our first mobile silo for cement and applied for patent.
This silo was delivered to ONODA CEMENT CO., LTD.
In these years, we have been participating in "Land development of Japan", such as engagement in the construction of facilities linked to the national events like Olympics.


Total power making up for all with one-stop

We have established the in-house self-completion system of carrying out design, manufacturing, installation and even maintenance of various equipment consistently.
We will meet various demands from proposal to manufacturing and support consistently by the in-house self-completion system as well as strong power of organization.
Moreover, at a time when the decreasing birthrate and the aging society is getting worse, we have been working on human resource development focusing on "human" in order to inherit the high level of technologies to the future generations and establish the stable base of management.

We have showed the mobility by cooperating closely between each department such as electric design, machinery design, engineering, sales and general affairs.
We will deal with design, manufacturing, installation and after sales service consistently and internally.
Manufacturing is done in our factory.
  • [Toyokawa factory] Factory total area : 983.81㎡ (10,589.73 sq. ft.)
    Factory area : 325.00㎡ (3,498.30 sq. ft.)
  • [Okazaki factory] Factory total area : 1,667.95㎡ (17,953.81 sq. ft.)
    Factory area : 1,576.63㎡ (16,970.85 sq. ft.)
    Office building area : 91.32㎡ (297.30 sq. ft.)


Experienced technicians will respond quickly in accordance with situation.

Multi-skilled technicians will deal with.
Please leave maintenance of the facility built by various plant manufacturers up to us too.
Also, we will quickly cope with the support for the construction site which is suffering the shortage of technician.

Technicians having experienced the concrete related equipment for long years will respond.
We will smoothly handle electric design and machinery design as well by cooperating with our internal departments. Please leave sudden troubles up to us as well.
We can also internally cope with repairing components of damaged equipment. Please leave maintenance of various equipment up to us too.


Helpful and highly skilled equipment experts will propose the equipment which meets your demands

When it comes to design and manufacturing of equipment that fits your requests, please leave it up to us. We have a lot of achievements of storage equipment for powders, plant facilities, especially large storage tank, mobile silo, screw conveyor, for example. We will propose the most suitable one from long years' experience and achievements.

We're equipped with a prominent technology which can realize your demands with our know-how accumulated for long years.
Please let us hear your ideas of desired equipment. We will suggest the most appropriate one based on the experience gained from plentiful achievements.
We're pleased to give you a response ranging from designing, manufacturing, installation to after- sales service consistently and internally.

SHOWA KOKI by the numbers

  • 57 years since foundation
  • Sales $20M
  • Share of Mobile silo No.1
  • No. of employees 69 people
  • Average age 38 years old
  • No. of holidays per year 119 days

2-72-1, Tsutamoto-cho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 454-0824, Japan
TEL : +81-52-362-8251 FAX : +81-52-362-8633