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We will propose the most suitable batcher plant

We will build the latest equipment environment and the system which consider all from production to shipping of homogeneous and good quality ready-mixed concrete. We are top-level producer of the batcher plant in Tokai district, from design and execution of the in-house brand plant to introduction of the plant manufacturer. Also, we have ever carried out not only newly establishing the plant, but also remodeling, relocating, dismantling and removing the existing plant. Please feel free to contact us about maintenance of the facility built by various plant manufacturers. We will propose the most suitable batcher plant, grasping the newest trend of technology and the customers' needs precisely.


Examples of construction and maintenance

Ready-mixed concrete plant

We can propose the facility of various styles from storage to weighing depending on your use.
- Multilayered style (to keep the materials inside the storage vessel)
- Ground-based weighing style (to weigh the materials on the ground level)
- Direct weighing style (to weigh the materials directly)


Forced action mixer : Twin shaft forced action mixer, Single shaft forced action mixer and Pan mixer
Gravity type : Drum mixer (Tilting and Portable), Front charge mixer and Rear charge mixer

Cement equipment

Type of silo : Cylindrical type and Legged type

Method of conveyance

Pneumatic conveyance : Roots blower, Air slider
Mechanical conveyance : Screw conveyor, Bucket conveyor

Waste water treatment facility

We will make a proposition in accordance with your requests, such as Trommel, Cyclonic separator, Thickener, Dehydration machine and Neutralization apparatus.

Storage equipment for aggregate

Corrugated silo (SS330 zinc-plated and corrugated section assembled style)
Yard style (made from iron), and made from concrete (partition made from reinforced concrete)

Conveyance equipment for aggregate

Belt conveyor, Vertical conveyor, Steep incline conveyor, Pipe conveyor, Shuttle conveyor and Tripper conveyor

For the concrete secondary product factories

Vibrating machine (Table type, Stick type and others)
Ready-mixed concrete feeder

Operation panel and Weighing

Operation panel, Slump tester, Automated slump, Monitoring camera, Management device for shipment and car allocation, and Printer

Service list

Concrete plantConcrete plant
Equipment for powdersEquipment for powders
Belt conveyorBelt conveyor
Maintenance serviceMaintenance service
Mobile SiloMobile Silo
Design and manufacturing by contractDesign and manufacturing by contract

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