Company information Principles of management

Management principle

  • We strive to be a company needed by the customers as "Helpful and highly skilled equipment experts" supporting the land of the future.
  • We provide the product and the service useful for the society by improving the safety of work and the quality.
  • We work on creating the workplace where there is a corporate culture to learn together and grow up together and where employees can feel worthwhile and prideful, for the sake of realizing the happiness.

Thought on the principle of management

We have been involved in the infrastructure development, the restoration from the disaster and the construction of the facilities linked to the national events such as Olympics, and we have worked on design, construction and maintenance of the manufacturing facility for cement and concrete, which are the construction materials essential for the business as stated above.
This leads to our whole company's pride of indirectly having participated in the land development of Japan.
But, on the other hand, we think that various business types will change diversely while absorbing its neighboring business types from now on.
We also need to grow out of existing business type like equipment experts specialized in cement and concrete to turn into equipment experts fitting the times while further evolving the applied technology. When I thought of how we want to change our company, where we head for and what company we can become, I hoped that we would be "Helpful" and "Highly skilled" equipment experts. "Helpful" means we do the business linked to the land development of the future, come to visit when you ask us for help, and look into and provide the things needed by the customers. And "Highly skilled" means we combine various machinery equipment and respond to various needs of customers.
And I think that looking ahead, improving our skills and keeping on trying is the path we live, and that is existence value of SHOWA KOKI.

Next, the safety of work and the quality of product and service are indispensable for us to be active in various fields as equipment experts.
Unless we establish the safety standard and the quality control standard of SHOWA KOKI, our active fields will be getting limited in the near future. Finally, the growth of human is essential for the company to pursue the happiness together with employees and continue its business.
Human is a property for the company. When human grows up, the company grows up too. If we can make real a corporate culture that employees learn together and grow up together, and also realize the environment that they can show their self-direction, we will be acknowledged as a self-sustaining style company by the public and will be a company that the customers can entrust without anxiety.
And, we think that it is possible to realize a virtuous circle that employees can enjoy their life by finding it happy to be relied on and entrusted by customers and by spending every day in doing worthwhile job.

Basic policy

  • We organize high-level cooperation system so that customers can entrust without anxiety.
  • We work on manufacturing with a spirit of "Good for three groups" : seller, buyer and the public.
  • We support the accumulation of know-how in various manufacturing sites, in terms of equipment.
  • We always pursue the happiness of employees and continuation of our business.
  • We always have challenging spirit and we all pioneer the way to the future.
  • We attempt to advance into the society actively in order to fulfill the roles needed by the local community.

Code of conduct

  • We make it a daily rule to clean up the workplace, greet cheerfully, express a gratitude, act with thoughtfulness and keep to Ho-Ren-So
    *Ho-Ren-So is a mnemonic acronym which means Report, Inform and Consult in Japanese.
  • We always consider the situation of customers when we act.
  • We strive to be ingenious so that all the persons concerned can be satisfied.
  • We each hold accountable and inherit experience and technology.
  • We improve the human nature through the work and always strive for self-fulfillment.
  • We never escape from working out the trouble until it is completely solved.
  • We think of the way we can rather than looking for the reason why we can't.
  • We contribute to the local community by aiming to be a person who can respond to the needs of the society.

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