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1958TSUJI TEKKO FIRM inaugurated in Nakagawa ward, Nagoya
Manufacturing and sales of mini concrete mixer and mechanical tools
Our first batcher plant constructed (equipped with mixer made by Kure Shipbuilding Ibag)
1963SHOWA KOKI CO., LTD established
Agency agreement with IHI CORPORATION (for Drum mixer)
1965Agency agreement with SANKI ENGINEERING CO., LTD
Conveyor delivered to MIYAGI KUMIAI SHIRYO KK
1967Business relationship with ONODA CEMENT CO., LTD and MITSUBISHI MINING & CEMENT CO., LTD started
1971Nakagawa warehouse completed in Nakagawa ward, Nagoya
1973Okazaki factory completed in Toyokawa city, Aichi
Batcher plant for dam constructed
Agency agreement with PACIFIC MACHINERY & ENGINEERING CO., LTD (for Forced action mixer)
1977Okazaki factory extended
Batcher plant constructed for IBIGAWA READY-MIXED CONCRETE KOGYO KK
1982Headquarter moved to Atsuta ward, Nagoya
1984 Mobile silo for cement launched and patent applied
Delivered to ONODA CEMENT CO., LTD
1985Agency agreement with NIKKO CO., LTD
Batcher plant constructed for HOKUBU READY-MIXED CONCRETE KK (equipped with Twin shaft forced action mixer)
1986Nakagawa warehouse extended
1990Nakagawa warehouse newly completed
Mobile silo for cement patented
1998 Headquarter moved to newly completed building in Atsuta ward, Nagoya
Fly ash mixing facility constructed for KOMURISU KK
2002Chubu Centrair International Airport construction work project
Cement transportation facility constructed for SUMITOMO OSAKA CEMENT CO., LTD
2004Headquarter moved to Nakagawa ward, Nagoya
Patent application for radioactive waste solidifying plant together with KOBE STEEL, LTD.
2007Okazaki factory renewed
Eight units of Mobile silo shipped to Republic of Angola
2009Kotaro Tsuji became president and chief executive director
Batcher plant constructed for TAKENAKA CORPORATION and DAIWA CORPORATION.
Fly ash facility remodeled for KAWABE BIOMASS POWER GENERATION KK
2012BCP conducted
Mikawa sales branch opened
RPF supplying facility constructed for MARUAI LIME INDUSTRY CO., LTD
2014Nakagawa headquarter building extended, and Okazaki factory extended
Batcher plant constructed for YOSHIKAWA KOUMUTEN KK
2015Kanto branch works opened in Misato city, Saitama

2016Nakagawa No.2 warehouse opened
25 ton rough terrain crane introduced to Okazaki factory

Vietnamese engineers hired Tokai Messe, exposition of construction machinery, held together with NIKKO CO., LTD

Cement facility for barge used for Hong Kong International Airport expansion work constructed for FUDO TETRA CORPORATION
2017Ceremony for 55th anniversary since foundation held
Cement tanker truck for test purchased
Mixer replacement work for NAKASHIMA KOUMUTEN KK
2018 Horizontal silo for calcium carbonate delivered to Commonwealth of Kentucky (Business development to Automobile industry)

2019Toyokawa factory completed, Kanto branch office established
Cement supplying facility for Patimban new port project

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