Personal information protection policy

Personal information protection policy

SHOWA KOKI CO., LTD recognizes the importance of personal information protection, and take all possible measures to ensure the protection of customers' personal information with the maximum attention.

1. About acqurisition of personal information

Any sort of personal information will be obtained in a proper and just manner. And, it will be obtained only when we get your consent after informing you of the purpose of use in advance. But, presentation of the purpose of use might be omitted in the following case.

  • - When we get personal information by inquiry via our company's website, phone, FAX and E-mail, etc.
  • - When we obtain personal information by exchanging business cards, for example.

2. About use of personal information

Personal information provided will be used within the extent of the following purpose. When we change the purpose of use, we will get a consent in advance from the customers having provided their personal information.

  • - For providing our company's service
  • - For information about our new service
  • - For answer to your consultation, and submission of our company's materials
  • - For employment selection such as notice of the result of staff employment screening

3. About safety management of personal information

In order to manage the provided personal information properly, we will strive for the protection of personal information by conducting the establishment of the internal rules and the internal management system, the education for employees, and by taking the proper measures about personal information protection against the problems such as illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage.

4. About providing personal information to the third party

We never will disclose and provide the offered personal information to the third party. But, we might provide personal information to our outsourcing company within the extent that is needed to accomplish the purpose of use as stated above. In the case, we will select a company which has been fully conducting the protection of personal information, and we will take the necessary and proper measures such as by making a contract about the protection of personal information. Also, when we're asked to disclose personal information by the public authorities such as the court and the police organization based on laws and ordinances, we might provide personal information to the concerned public authorities.

5. About disclosure and correction of personal information

When we're asked to disclose, correct or delete the personal information by the person himself or herself, we will respond to these demands rapidly. At that time, if the person himself or herself cannot be confirmed to be, we cannot response any disclosure, correction or deletion.

If you have any claims or questions as stated above about dealing with personal information, please kindly contact the following address.
Contact address
TEL : +81-52-362-8251

6. Revision of this policy

Privacy policy might be revised in order to carry out the protection of personal information, or to respond to the change of the norm of laws and ordinances or others. When the revision of privacy policy happens, we will make an announcement on our company's website.

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